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The Godfather Slots

From the classic Godfather films to the classic Godfather slots, this is a slot that is based around the famous film, where you get to meet the mob in a very different circumstance. The Godfather slot machine takes players on a journey where they are welcomed into the Mob world where exciting symbols and prizes are waiting for them.

The Godfather slots casino game has a wide range of features on offer. The Rose Symbol is the wild symbol and substitutes all other symbols except for the bonus in order to create winning combinations. Keeping in theme with the film, there are bonus wedding cakes and a wedding cake multiplier. The former offers free spins bonus where the symbols appear on line 1, 3 and 5. The latter involves players taking a free spin at the top of the cake and with each winning spin, they move up the cape, increasing their prize.

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The Godfather Slots Game pay and withdraw methods

The Godfather is all about family and this feature is all about that. Here the godfather turns up and shows he is the boss. He gathers the family and turns them into a single family business symbol. Of course, this is a game that commands respect just like the Godfather and the Respect Feature offers lots of fun. Here players can increase their wins when five wild symbols are added to the reels.

Unlocking the money feature is where the Don makes an offer. Players can refuse it or accept it, adding a unique twist to this game. The Godfather is extremely generous. So, players can choose the cash offer or the mystery multiplier. Either way, they are likely to be in the money when they play the Godfather casino game.

What gives the Godfather slot machine a unique feel is the unlocking of achievements. As the game is played, players can unlock certain on-reel features. There are three features to unlock in total as the reel features. These are known as Money, Respect and Family. Once these have been unlocked, players will have three more achievements to unlock and this is where big prizes can be won.

Players can win some serious prizes when the play the Godfather casino game. The game offers a number of features and bonuses, all of which help players to win cash. Players have to bet their size, the number of paylines and then spin to win. When it comes to withdrawing their cash, this is simple enough as the game allows them to withdraw using a number of methods.

The Godfather Slots – A Unique Experience

Nobody wants to come face to face with the Godfather. That is, unless, it is part of this amazing slot. This is a game that takes players on a journey through the famous films and its characters. There are not many games that come close to the Godfather slot. Its unique gameplay, exciting features and bonuses make this a slot that really does stand out from the crowd.

With the godfather slots there is only one rule; respect the Godfather, and he’ll soon start rewarding you for that respect with prizes which start with wine and meatballs and spaghetti worth up to 150 coins. 

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