Slot machines have been a favorite amongst players since the turn of the last century. Today when you go to sites to play double bubble games online you mostly see double bubble slots which are multiline. However, when technology wasn’t so advanced and the machines weren’t exactly like the complicated double bubble machine that one gets on slot sites with doublebubble. In fact, the earliest slots were simple contraptions, ingenious for its day and age, but rather easy to build and understand.

They had three slots and only one pay line. Not today though. Advancement of technology has ensured that the modern double bubble game online found across double bubble slot sites are extremely complicated, and are all multiline, running on complex algorithms and proving the player unmatched excitement and fun.

What is Double Bubble?

Double Bubble game online is a super soapy and super fun slot game developed by Gamesys that’s loaded with big wins! You can win up to 30000 times your coin size!
The idea is to line up matching symbols on the reels and bingo! You have won the double bubble jackpot winners. Because play double bubble casino game is so simple, and so loaded with attractive offers and prizes, it’s a favorite. Best part, one does not need to have any prior knowledge to play double bubble.

If you don’t have a double bubble machine around, do not worry. Double bubble bingo sites are equally fun. All you have to is keep clicking and whirrrrrr!


How to Play Double Bubble

Double bubble games online are a type of slot games. They are super fun and extremely popular among enthusiasts. To play, you need to go to one of the double bubble sites. The bingo sites with double bubble slots online consists of a console with the normal five slots and multiple pay lines. You need to buy online coins on the website and use them to bet on the lines. There is an option of either betting one or to go for the full money at one go.

You can also see the coin size on the screen. When you are playing the casino game, instead of a lever or a physical punch button, you have to click on the button which says “SPIN” and you are away. The slots all have symbols of fruits and bubbles. To win you would need to match the same symbol in all the slots. One of those options constitutes the jackpot.

To choose your pay line, you can click on the button labelled “BET ONE”. This will add a pay line. The more times you click, the more lines you add, until you max out and then it automatically resets. You can also choose to bet all lines at once by clicking on “BET MAX”.

Then, click on the colored numbers that line the two sides of the console. Then you hit “SPIN” after selecting the number of pay lines. Playing the double bubble slots game online is super easy and an incredible boredom killer!

What Are Multiline Slots?

Double bubble bingo sites all have multiline slots. What are multiline slots? Basically, multiline double bubble slots uk are the ones with a usually five slots, and the number of lines which can be as high as twenty five. Further, and this is something you will see when you play double bubble slots online, each line is activated by a new coin, meaning in any double bubble slot game, you would need to bet as many coins as the number of lines. Needless to say, the possible winnings are also huge.  Apart from this, multiline slots also have other features to keep the player on tenterhooks, like wild symbols and scatter symbols.

How To Win

Double bubble slots online promise big winnings. The trick however is to achieve it. Here are a few tips that might help those who want to play double bubble bingo online. Since these bingo sites with double bubble slots online involve money, one also needs to be mindful not to splurge too much and get into a financial quandary later on.

  1. Get as much free money as possible: While there are some double bubble slot sites that let you play without any money (through free online coins or free games), most serious playing sites will need you to bet some money in order to buy coins and play. However in every double bubble game online you have the option of winning free coins. Make sure to build up your bankroll with as many free coins as possible.
  2. Know and then throw: Not all consoles are similar in double bubble slots. UK itself has hundreds of sites, all with different kind of consoles. While some online double bubble slot machines will let you win often, other double bubble games online will be tougher and might empty your coffers at one go. It is always advisable to have a few small test runs on the console before you start betting properly.
  3. Throttle up gradually- Yes, double bubble slots online is exciting. However that does not mean that you charge full throttle at the very start. Set your coin size to minimum at the start and then gradually pick it up. Remember, you would want to last longer to maximize your chances of winning, since the longer you are in the game, law of averages has a better chance of catching up with you in a positive way, especially since these double bubble slots online all run on set algorithms.
  4. Spread out your dough- Betting on multiple lines increases your chances of winning multifold, for the simple reason that you are allowing the double bubble slot game more opportunities to land matching symbols on the slots, which is how you win.

Double Bubble Slot Sites | Double Bubble Slot Machine

There are several double bubble slots sites around. However, a few of them are not so trustworthy. The most popular sites are-

  1. Star spins, run and operated by Profitable Play Litd, based in Gibraltar.
  2. Virgin games owned by Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines fame.
  3. Jackpot Joy, run and operated by Profitable Play Litd, based in Gibraltar
  4. Heart Bingo, operated by Entertaining Play Limited, based in Gibraltar

What Does RTP Mean?

RTP, quite simply stands for return to player. Not clear? Well, let’s explain then. It is the ratio or percentage of your wins against the number of wagers that you had bet to win what you have. However, RTP can be quite misleading the ones who little experience of double bubble slots. That’s because RTP is calculated as an average and fails to show if a double bubble slot machine is truly lucky for you or not. Each game has a theoretical RTP as well as an actual RTP value. 

However, if a machine is showing high RTP- in the range of 80% and above, you will stand a better chance to get back your money and even win. Double bubble slots online offer in excess of 96% of RTP, which is much more than the average in other games.

Double Bubble Slot – The Legacy of one of the best online slot games ever!

When we enjoy Double Bubble Slots online and aim to hit the double bubble jackpot, little do we realize that the double bubble game online is actually a legacy of the first ever slot machines that came into existence around the late 1800’s. It was an American gentleman called Charles Fey, who had a good knowledge in mechanics, who made the first ever slot machine (sometimes referred to as a fruit machine in the UK) in California sometime in 1895.

He called it the Liberty Bell – a simple contraption of three spinning wheels that had pictures of playing cards and exactly one cracked liberty bell on each reel. Operated by a lever, the player hit the jackpot if all three reels lined up to show cracked liberty bells, the concept being not dissimilar to how you would double buble slots online today by matching the doubble bubble symbols or bubble lines and receive a top payout.

The simplicity of these games is what pulls everyone to come back and play double bubble jackpot again and again. This game ensures that you don’t have to visit an arcade to access a fruit machine. You can play double bubble game online slots from the comfort of your sofa, on the go on your mobiles and pretty much anytime you feel like. This is the best way to kill your boredom and be it a doctor’s waiting room to killing time at the airport during delayed flights, the double bubble games online is always present and available to play.

Take the gameplay to the max and receive bonus games, bubble lines, bubble bonuses, bubble symbols and random coin multipliers for your chance to win the big time with huge cash wins and top cash prizes. Play online today and pop the bubble. Focus when playing this game doubble bubble for your chance to spin and win for huge spins on game and massive bubble line wins!

The best part about online slot machine is that winnings are no more tempered by the arcade limits. Play bonus games and if you are lucky you can hit the game jackpot worth millions. In a moment of mad fun, your whole life can change. You can also become an expert bonus games player and can participate in different tournaments for your chances of winning attractive prizes from the bonus rounds and random coin multipliers from real money casinos. While the idea would have sounded outlandish once, today such tournaments are quite widespread.

Today Online slot machines are much more elaborate to play online on mobile and desktop. However, they retain the basic simplicity and hence magic of the concept. Once you are hooked, you are hooked! And the reason why so many people get hooked are relatively easy to understand playing rules and the fact that just about anyone can play for the double-bubble jackpot, just pop the bubble. Double bubble game do not discriminate between a first timer and one who is very experienced. You do not need to learn special rules or need not possess any skill set to double bubble slot promotions.

For the average user, who is used to low risk entertainment, double bubble sites slots are truly the double bubble bingo sites as these games are very low risk and one can bet as per his or her comfort from mobile and desktop devices for their chance to win. Not everyone is looking to hit the double bubble bingo sites cash prizes or top payout and the game makers understand that. The game is designed to suit the needs of pretty much anyone who wishes to simply spin and win – from a true blue gamer to the occasional player, probably passing the time while commuting between their home and the office.

Online slot game players should always play responsibly when using online casinos. Before staking your deposit and wager on any online slots game players should always ensure that it is affordable. All online slot games are licensed and regulated by the gambling commissions and rules apply. Responsible gaming is a must and players should always seek assistance if required. Visit Gamble Aware for more information on responsible gaming/gambling.

Where is the best place to Win Double Bubble Slot – Double Bubble sign up?

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How to play double bubble slots online?

Step 1: First buy your coins online. Most double bubble games online offer attractive opening bonuses like $40 worth of coins for $10! The best part of double bubble game online is, one can have up to ten pay lines at a time and can afford to go all out for the jackpot.

Step 2. Choose your bet from the two buttons- “Bet one” and Bet Max”

Step 3: Keep hitting the slots by clicking the SPIN button

Double bubble is actually that easy, esp. on double bubble bingo sites. You can also play double bubble demo.

What makes double bubble bingo such a hit?

  • Bet as per your comfort. If you like to take things slow, you can do so. On the other hand if you are feeling quite in the spirit of things, higher stakes await!
  • As mentioned before there are up to ten pay lines. You can go properly nuts!
  • If you manage to line up five wild bubble symbols, your win can become multiplied by up to as much as 22 times! Yes, that’s right! But that’s not all…
  • Spin 3 bonus symbols your way and you can start the Play Double bubble bonus. Now you might be wondering what a bubble bonus is? Sorry folks… Sworn not to spoil the fun here!So spoil yourself a little with the incredible double bubble games online and de-stress while picking up some neat wins! What say, eh? Ready for the jackpot yet?

Double Bubble Game Online Overview

This is one of the excellent video slot game for all kinds of players, whether you are a newbie to the game or an experienced person with plenty of experience. We would say that it’s a wonderful place to try your mind and luck and win big jackpots.

This Gamesys slot is always in trend since the launch in January, people won around £1.8 million till now and you can also be one of the lucky winners. Return to player with this slot is around 96.02%. So the game is fantastic.

Hurry up now! Register yourself at our featured casinos and sign up to claim your bonus today. You can play for fun or for real cash prize money.

Welcome to slots double bubble

This is proudly designed by Gamesys slots which features exclusivity of fantastic entertainment array of games. Double Bubble slots online game is a very highly recommended and regularly pleayed game with chances to win a bursting double bubble slot £80000. Jackpots, and now a massive up to £200000 – just imagine what you could do with the winnings!!! *LIVE THE DREAM with DOUBLE BUBBLE SLOT*

Double bubble sign up?

This is always increasing too so grab yourself a huge winning bubble to burst and win big! The game is a fun 20 line slot matching lateral betting lines with an attractive doubble bubble symbol bonus round. As well as a enormous win-line where game players can maximise a 25x coin size coin multiplier to achieve on pay-out. Imagine having a bubbly bottle of your favourite bubble game. As a result of playing the game and all of a sudden you match the betting winning line sequence what would you do?

In addition you could cruise you way around the world to your dream location. We all need time off and to unwind aware from the everyday activities so why not relax and win some big game money.

So what is stopping you?

Nothing should be the answer, place your preferred bets or auto-spin into a whirlwind slot shot at the jackpot! Go one step further and place max bets to win larger jackpots and why not pamper yourself with the winnings in this doubly bubbly celebration. Therefore, the game is a visually attractive intuitive game with a fruit machine theme.

Ease of use interface which is quite difficult to find elsewhere of a similar comparison with this game. Double bubble sign? This game is easy to learn, simplified rules, guided provided from us and professional support when you require assistance.

With this excellent slot game, you will become triumphant in a short period of time

Probably almost instant, therefore you can start winning the bet lines, monetise your way to success and earn multiples of big cash! Furthermore, we would also like to advise that we have noticed companies out there selling double bubble slot with Google AdWords. Accurate information surrounding this with double bubble slot is that we are actually supplying the real game.

So if you have seen these please use ours, we want you to play your favourite game. With the forever changing gaming industry, we see the movement of more exclusives games, deals.

Double Bubble Slots Online and the Best Quality

We since running this site are very pleased with online offerings from our partners. To you as our clients, without a shadow of a doubt this journey with you is wonderful. All of our clients feedback over the last year with this online game and has been fantastic to appreciate the hours you play. Britain by the gambling is very popular.

Win big jackpots, living the double bubble slots online dream.

So without further ado we shall be updating this site more regular and bring you more fun with games online. We are also going to supply you with much more and bingo game online progressive jackpots. As a result more exclusives so watch this space for double bubble slots online massive offers!

Thank you kindly this has been a success for us due to your input. Double Bubble – The best game in town!

You can also check double bubble slot review online and contact us.

Responsible Gaming

Please be gamble aware and take a responsible gaming approach. Ensuring that you play responsibly is very important to both us and the gambling commissions. All of our providers are fully licensed and regulated and promote responsible gaming as a top priority. Please ensure that you seek help if required before things get too out of hand. This is very important to us!

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